‘You must respond to one’s passion with passion’
– Shiwon Miura –

is a balance care brand
that aims for a healthy dietary habit based on nutritional balance.

Through our experience in life cycle health care services,
we are well aware of how important realistic and sustainable health management is.

GAON N sets a ‘nutritional standard’ for its products through research on nutrition for each stage of
the life cycle, and researches health products and services to provide to our customers.
This is because ‘nutritional balance’ is the most important element.

If you have managed to continue an unstable diet plan,
although you’ve given up because of your busy life or laziness,
FIND your healthy balance with LABALANCE.

so your efforts will not be wasted
so you can respond to one’s passion with passion.


  • Light and filling high-protein snack

  • Highly-nutritional, high-protein weight control powder for an easy meal (7 types)

  • Highly-nutritional, high-protein weight control snack for a filling meal (3 types)

  • Highly-nutritional snack rich in dietary fiber

  • Filling, high-protein morning cereal