We must say this.
“Do you know who you are? You are a miracle.”
– Charles Handy –

is a customized brand for infants
that was made for the precious little ones that have just begun life.

A proper beginning of ‘nutritional balance’ is of utmost importance.

Provide your delicately small baby
the baby whose rapid growth you sometimes feel nostalgic about
with the healthy LABOVO.

LABOVO considers and researches true balance
as a response to those pure and honest moments that you do not want to lose
with a heart that only wants to provide good things.

Babyhood easily becomes excessive
because we don’t know what to do and because of a lack knowledge.
LABOVO helps provide your baby with pure and balanced growth,
while supporting their first step into the world.


  • Pure rice snack for infants of 6-12 months

  • High-protein snack Rice O for infants over 12 months

  • Growing taller and taller! Morning cereal for children in their growth stage

  • Dietary fiber snack for children who are afraid to use the bathroom

  • Healthy, high-protein snack for children with a non-fried, light texture made with natural ingredients for a great taste