I often rubbed my eyes
even during my sleep, as if I miss someone
– Park Jun –

is a professional brand for expecting mothers
created for the women who await the warmest moment of their lives.

Through our experience in life cycle health care services,
we are well aware of how important the present is.

Is it natural to let go of your anxieties during pregnancy,
or give up ‘myself’ for my baby?
Do not lose yourself, as you are just as precious as your baby.

This is also because you must not lose your balance during the most important period.
Regain ‘your healthy balance’

LANUVO researches women’s health
from pre-pregnancy to the postpartum period
for all women who are preparing and awaiting the warmest moment of their lives.


  • Nutritional snack for women of childbearing age (3 types)

  • Vitamin, iron and calcium snack for women during pregnancy (5 types)

  • Highly-nutritional, convenient snack for lactating women (5 types)

  • Morning sickness snack for women with severe morning sickness in early stages of pregnancy

  • Dietary fiber snack for antepartum/postpartum digestive health